Why Bangalore is going back to Ayurveda!

The ‘Garden City’, ‘City of Lakes’ and ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’,Bangalore, is today India’s IT hub, growing exponentially and slowly but steadily wiping out nature…including trees and lakes… leading to increased pollution levels. Traffic in the city is further adding to stress and pollution.Markets offering fresh vegetables and fruits were replaced by supermarkets.

All these led to a craving for all things natural and chemical-free.

Bangalore, naturally moved to Ayurveda.

Detox, naturally!

The build up of toxins in the body is a natural result of metabolism. Stress contributes a lot to it. Many became aware of the importance of flushing out these unwanted chemicals from the body and embraced Ayurveda … there was no obvious point in ingesting chemicals to flush out chemicals!

Aching back and neck? Nothing like an Ayurvedic massage!

Bangalore being a working man’s city, has a lot of people suffering from poor posture, thanks to long hours at the desk. Many such people researched online and came to know about the wonders and benefits of an authentic ayurvedic massage to soothe their aching joints and backs in a natural way.

No time for a healthy diet?

A large number of the working class was forced to have diets that weren’t really healthy. Hectic work schedules left no room for a well-balanced diet. Many consumed loads of processed food each day as a necessity rather than as a means of convenience. Here again, Ayurveda has contributed immensely to bring back health and nature into daily diet.

Sanjeevanam offers a multitude of Ayurvedic authentic treatments for the mind and body. Feel free to get in touch with us to rewire your lifestyle!

Ayurveda in Bangalore