Going Back to Ayurveda

Every large city needs Ayurveda, badly. Besides the well-known conveniences of developed cities, there are persistent drawbacks too. The inferior air quality, the stress of the daily commutes, the noise levels etc affect the body in a negative way. Also, most people who manage an active career hardly have any spare time on their hands to get any relevant amount of physical exercise.

Chennai and Ayurveda

All of the above, are especially true in the case of Chennai. Chennai is the ever growing port city and the residents are well aware of the changes that have manifested in the city in the past decade or two. It was only a matter of time before a large population of the city took to Ayurveda to lead healthier lives.

Ayurveda every day

The wonders of Ayurveda have always been known throughout history in south India. Its powers of healing and disease prevention and de-stressing is what drew many to it. Living ayurvedically certainly does not involve a whole lot of super-human effort. It is basically watching what you eat and breathing right. Introducing healthy foods in the diet that are beneficial to the body is the easiest way to go about it.

Our centres in Chennai

At our Sanjeevanam therapy centres in Chennai (we have centres at Saidapet, Mugappair and Nungambakkam High road), we are often approached by many who desire to know about the powers of Ayurvedic plants and also, healthy Ayurvedic practices. We can see that more and more people realize the importance of incorporating Ayurveda into their lifestyles, each day and are doing so. If you would like to know about the various ways to get closer to Ayurveda, please feel free to get in touch with us.